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How Do You Choose A Coach?

By August 22, 2016Blogs

 The fitness industry is intriguing and often times amazing to me. Because of the access to information we all have now, the profession of “fitness coaching” has been severely downgraded. And yes, this statement is coming from someone who has only been involved in the fitness industry for about 7 years. Do I even have the right to discuss this....well, yeah actually I do because I am passionate and proactive about upgrading it!

I started in this industry like most people start in other professions…at the very bottom. I went through my first weekend certification course and led group classes for a gym. But unlike most people involved in the fitness industry, I didn’t stop there-not even close. I have a desire to constantly know more and challenge myself to be better. Not just for the sake of knowledge but for the sake of those people who look to me for help. After all, peoples’ health kind of matters…just sayin’! So I continued to get my education from some of the leaders in various areas of movement coaching and eventually opened my own gym. I was not willing to settle for “good enough”. After years of training groups in my own gym, I took the leap into helping people at an even deeper level; working individually with people to help create fitness as part of who they are (and doing this NOT by hand-holding but by EDUCATING through challenge and support). Building a team of true professionals who want nothing more than to make a difference in people’s lives. Furthering our education is like breathing-it happens everyday. I live by high standards and a task I put myself up against each day is challenging others to raise their standards for themselves.

How you choose your fitness professional should be no different than how you would choose any other professional service. Ask yourselves these questions…

  • When looking for a doctor, do you look for the most entertaining guy or gal, or someone that knows medicine better than most others?
  • When choosing a realtor, do you look for someone who knows the market or someone who likes to fix up houses as a hobby?
  • When choosing a financial consultant, do you choose someone who wears a great suit but has very little money in the bank?

When it comes to the most important factors in our daily lives we seek professionals who know their trade better than most others. Yet, when it comes to fitness, most people are taking advice from just about anybody who sets up shop as a trainer.caoch2

Christine came to me after experiencing a variety of fitness scenarios. She had two different gym memberships at the time but was not seeing the performance or physical results she was seeking. She was also experiencing aches and pains and felt generally fatigued. In her words, Christine has some insight into finding a coach…

She is so skinny.  She must be a good coach.

She does crossfit competitions.  She must be a good coach.

She tells me how strong I am.  She must be a good coach.

I am so sore.  I can barely get out of bed.  Everything hurts.  He must be a good coach.


A good coach listens, corrects improper movements and recognizes when clients are over-utilizing muscle groups to accomplish the increased demands put on your body.  A good coach doesn’t push you just to get the job done.  He/she will tell you that you are not ready to load your spine with increased weight.  A good coach will have certain guidelines for his/her clients to meet before you can pursue serious weight-lifting with increased loads.  A good coach will emphasize patience and the importance of nutrition for performance and recovery.  A good coach will tell you that becoming physically fit means increased energy levels and not pushing you to extreme fatigue everyday.  After all, we exercise to feel good, to have more energy at work and for our families.  That is what LOTUS provides…..knowledgeable coaches that become your role models for fitness.

Every coach at LOTUS is dedicated to the pursuit of higher learning. Each of us HAS a coach because we practice what we preach.

Demand more from the fitness industry…you deserve it!

Are you ready to sit down with a LOTUS Coach and discuss how Independent Design can benefit you? 

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