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By November 11, 2016Stories

Independent Design has been a total surprise to me in so many ways.  First, I no longer need to worry about hurting my knees or wondering if this exercise will be good for me.  You have been awesome in designing a program specifically for my needs.  My knees are no longer sore after workouts AND I feel I am getting stronger in every way.  Also, I actually enjoy the solitude of working out on my own.  I am more focused on my form and progress.  During workouts I enjoy FEELING my body move through the prescribed workout, and enjoy seeing the results in the increasing strength and endurance, AND in my body.  It is the greatest surprise to me that I love working out! The beauty of this program is the level of trust I have in you and Eve means that if I just stick to the plan and apply discipline, I will get to my goal.  Because it works.

I just wanted you to know that you are appreciated.  What you do has made a difference in my health and has shown me I can accomplish more than I thought possible at this point in my life.

Chelly Coon - Hayden, ID

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