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By November 11, 2016Stories

I joined LOTUS in the fall of 2013, I had gained 20 lbs after my son was diagnosed with cancer and I was having trouble functioning at the level I needed to in that high stress environment. Working out in group classes gave me the energy boost that I needed at that time. I made the switch to the Independent Design program in 2015 because while I loved the group classes that I consistently attended, my body wasn't changing. Having a program designed for me and my lifestyle was the key to transforming my body. Michelle delivers a weekly program that takes into account my stress level, family, sleep, and nutrition.  I've lost 30lbs and feel amazing. I have all the energy I need to keep up with my 3 children, I'm getting stronger, and I love the healthy example I am setting for my children.

Dawn Veltri - Athol, ID

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