At LOTUS, our approach to health and fitness encompasses every aspect of your life. We believe fitness is the vehicle that can take you wherever you want to be in life. And this is the all-inclusive design for optimal results.

The body houses the mind and spirit. In order for you to become all you wish to be in life, your physical health needs to be a priority. Through fitness, our coaches help guide and support you in your journey to creating a life of fulfillment and reaching your greatest human potential.


Our idea of fitness is based on truth. Our coaches help you uncover exactly where you are starting and create the map including lifestyle, exercise, and nutrition to help get you wherever it is you are trying to go. Whether that is a longer, more fulfilling life, a promotion at work or being able to keep up with your children or grandchildren—we create a plan and help you get there.


To learn more about the depth of personalized services available at LOTUS, call to schedule your free consultation today.

Fitness Programming

Independent Design

Independent Design at LOTUS is a highly personalized process of managing your fitness by taking into consideration nutrition, external stressors, body type and your goals. Whether you are improving your health and fitness for the first time, have experience fitness for years, or somewhere in between, we can help. With a program designed specifically for you, not scaled for you, the time you spend in the gym is optimized.

No quick fixes: Through a personalized program we aim to educate clients and create lasting lifestyle and training habits, not just a quick fix.

Designed around your goals: Whether you are seeking to compete in the sport of fitness, improve body composition, gain overall health and wellness or just be better at life, personalized programming is the most effective means for reaching those goals.

Cost-effective model: Independent Design is a cost-effective personalized program without the unnecessary expenses of one-on-one training. It enables you to train with other individuals who are dedicated to their fitness, without the inherent limitations of group fitness.

What to expect:

  • Initial assessment of lifestyle variables to improve overall health
  • Individualized nutrition analysis and prescription as required
  • Daily individualized fitness program & correspondence from your coach.
  • Assistance from on staff coach during workouts*
  • Monthly in depth meetings with your coach

*Independent Design is also offered for remote clients. The above services are included with the exception of on-site coaching staff. Assessment and reviews are conducted via Skype.

"If you want a dialed in training program made specifically to help you reach your goals vs working out and hoping for the best; this place is for you! "

Pat F.Dialed In

"I highly recommend LOTUS to anyone who is seriously looking for a place to help you get fit - Your program is designed for you, the coaches are fabulous, and besides working out they assist with diet and just about anyway possible to help you get healthier. This place is the best!"

Terri B.Designed For You

"I love that I’m stronger now, in my 50s, than I was in high school."

Paul L.Stronger Now

"I think the thing I love most about joining the LOTUS family is that it feels like family. Every one of the coaches knows me, encourages me every day, and definitely has my success as their first goal."

Philana M.Feels Like Family

"About 4 weeks after having my son I decided to switch from group CrossFit to Independent Design because of the results I was seeing in other clients. Right away I was amazed at not only the physical results I was seeing but how much I was learning about myself and what I was capable of."

Michelle T.Right Away... Amazed

Nutrition Consulting

Nutrition Consulting

Our Nutrition Consulting is included in your Independent Design Program and but also a stand alone service for anyone looking to improve their nutrition.

No fitness plan is complete without nutrition. And at LOTUS, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all nutrition. While there are some basic tenets that you want to abide by, there’s a tremendous amount of personalization required to produce nutrition plans that are sustainable and have lasting results.

Whether you are looking to lose body fat, improve your overall health, increase your energy, or take your fitness to the next level, our nutrition-consulting program can help. We start with a one-hour consultation where we use advanced technology to test your body composition. LOTUS is the only fitness facility in Coeur d’ Alene using the InBody570, a program that allows us to design a nutrition program specifically for your body.

Behavior coaching: Your nutrition coach will educate you on how to properly fuel your body, as well as guide you in the behavior modification needed to make long-term changes.

Available to everyone: Our nutrition consulting is available to everyone, not just LOTUS FIT clients.