Crowded gyms and gritty garage-like facilities aren’t for everyone. Our beautiful, advanced facility is designed to make you feel good before you ever work out, but this is much more than a place to sweat. It’s a second home you'll love.


Gyms have trainers. We have professional coaches with formalized lifestyle coaching and nutrition and energy system development training. They look at the complete person, so you get more rounded results.


This isn’t an elite fitness program or temporary exercise craze. Every aspect of your program is designed specifically for you from the ground up. Whether you’re an athlete or you’re new to fitness, you’ll fit in here. And you will succeed.

Our Story

Our Purpose

To teach you how to care for your body by equipping, empowering, and inspiring you to become better.  We value truth. We value hard work. We value learning and leading by example. We embrace challenges and strive for excellence in everything we do.

Our Vision

Our goal at OPEX CDA was to provide a place free from judgment where people could use fitness to live their fullest life. We believe the body houses the spirit and we must take care of our physical bodies for our spirits to thrive.

We carefully selected and trained a family of fitness professionals who work tirelessly to educate our members on the best way to take care of themselves. We teach people how to “fish” instead of depending on a trainer or their peers for motivation.

Fitness is more than just exercise. It’s creating a balance in the whole person—mind, body, and spirit. Through nutrition, lifestyle and exercise training we help people transform their lives and live to their highest values.

Our Process


The first step in developing a health and wellness or performance fitness plan is learning by both you as a client, and us as coaches. For you, it is critical to understand that health, or optimal sports performance, is a process. Laying out realistic goals and understanding the work involved in obtaining those goals will set you up for success. As coaches, we learn about our clients’ lifestyle so we can develop a realistic training plan. Learning continues throughout your fitness journey.


Once you have learned what your training and nutrition plan will consist of, you need to commit. So many people get stuck in the stage of learning about fitness but struggle with fully committing to doing the work. As coaches, we learn about the lifestyles of our clients so we can develop realistic training plans. A relationship based fitness plan involves equal commitment from both coach and client.


This is the fun part! Once you have taken the time to learn what obtaining maximum health or performance involves and committed to doing the work, the fulfillment just starts to unfold before you. The reward in knowing that you did the work and took personal responsibility for your health is immeasurable. Health and performance is a journey….learning, committing and fulfilling over a lifetime.