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By November 11, 2016Stories

I believe it was in the movie "Field of Dreams" that popularized the famous mantra "If you build it, they will come."  We have been steady clients at LOTUS since 2012.  We have watched Eve and her team "build it", first from a fledgling storefront with few clients, then to a state-of-the-art training facility, and now to an intelligent, evolved, individual-based fitness community.  The LOTUS experience has continually improved and advanced for those of us fortunate enough to pursue our fitness goals with their help.

More specifically, as aging athletes in our 50's, we have continued to improve our measured strength, mobility, agility, and nutritional knowledge above and beyond what we thought we could do, or what we thought we already knew.  It is a fact that we are stronger today than we were in high school or college.  Our priorities in life include many active sports (skiing, snowboarding, golf, mountain climbing, dance, etc) and even more importantly to us, active time spent with a growing family including grandchildren.  The individualized focus at LOTUS means we are each benefiting from stylized programs that match OUR realistic goals, abilities, and levels of commitment.  By dodging the "cookie cutter" approach of most gyms, we exercise with confidence, get immediate feedback and adjustment as needed, and don't waste time spinning our wheels doing ineffectual or even counterproductive work. We are having fun spending time with the LOTUS team.  LOTUS has always invested the time, money, and effort to provide the best in terms of equipment, education, and customer service.  And that makes it easier for us to invest in ourselves, and take care of the only "self" we are ever going to get!!


Paul and Denise Leonard - Hayden, Idaho