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By April 25, 2017Stories

I have been at LOTUS™ since December 2016. I signed on for the Independent Design™ program because I wanted (and more importantly needed) some teaching and help understanding where my body was physically and where to start with training. I wanted to start a program with the basics and grow and build upon the foundation from there. I initially contacted Evie at LOTUS™ because as winter was taking hold, I was sick and tired of constantly feeling tired and just overall blah! I wanted to learn how to take ownership of my physical fitness. I have worked with personal trainers for over 12 years, yet somehow I still had NO CLUE what to do when I walked into a gym without my trainer. I thought this was ridiculous. None of my previous trainers taught me anything. All I had to do was show up.
After 4 months at LOTUS™, I have learned how to work my body to get maximum results. I am learning how important my diet is of fueling my activity. Since I started to track my macronutrients and increasing my food by 600 calories per day (this goes back to fueling my body for the work I want to do) over the last month, I have lost 1.6% BF and increased my skeletal muscle mass by nearly 1 lb!! All while eating more! My workouts are better, my recovery is much easier, and I continue to have more energy every day than I have had for many months.
I think the thing I love most about joining the LOTUS™ family is that it feels like family. Every one of the coaches knows me, encourages me every day, and definitely has my success as their first goal. I love that every one of them know how to push me for that one last rep, how to explain the proper mechanics of a specific exercise, and even why I am doing that specific exercise. I love knowing that when I walk in the door, I am in a comfortable place where no one will ever judge me for what I am attempting to do. Making that first appointment with Evie was the best decision I made for myself in 2016!

That decision has changed my life.