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Client Of The Month – Josh Gillmore

By December 7, 2017Blogs

  Josh is a Head Detective here in Coeur d'Alene and one of the best in the state. His job can be very demanding and overly stressful, all the while putting his life on the line to keep this city a safer place. Like all members here at LOTUS Josh has a unique program designed specifically for his function of life.  Through these workouts and proper nutrition, he is able to handle the stress and whatever life throws at him. Josh knows as good as anyone that he has a duty and obligation to stay in peak physical shape and we are honored to coach him along the way.


   In 2011 he was awarded Officer of the year award for his significantly superior conduct in a variety of disciplines and responsibilities as a Coeur d'Alene Police Officer. Gilmore's focus on being prepared to protect himself, his fellow Officers and the citizens he serves, has been characterized as "courageous and disciplined". His commitment to excellence contributes significantly to the police department's mission.

How long have you been at LOTUS?

I have been a member since Eve opened in 2011. Then took a year off and came back.

What was that spark that caused you to join?

The programming can be focused on a particular goal, from passing a physical training test to staying active on a vacation.

What lifestyle changes have you made since being at Lotus?

Biggest lifestyle change is my cooking. I make my meals for the week and freeze them. Just pull out a container and I'm ready to go. Eat fairly well all the while working on getting other bad habits in check.

Which of those practices has helped the most?

The coaching I have received on my nutrition and meal prep.

What do you like most about LOTUS?

I like not being tied to a scheduled class.  Crossfit gyms at least used to require its members to sign up for classes and only offered a certain number of classes. Sometimes life gets in the way and you have to cancel and miss the workouts.  The flexibility to come when I can work better.

What advice do you have for someone looking to join, or who has just started?

The client can set their own goal and coach will help with movement and training.  While at the gym some people are working on Olympic lifting, while others may be working on mobility, and others weight loss.  Everyone is doing something specific to their goals and priorities.


What is your personal definition of fitness, and what does a healthy lifestyle look like for you?

Being in the physical condition to accomplish what you want to do in life.






If you email us you will receive honest feedback and might discover how to conquer life.

Everyone has problems, so get a coach, not some gym membership.