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H20, The Fountain of Youth

By August 15, 2018Blogs

Isn’t it strange how 8 glasses of water a day seems impossible, yet 8 glasses of wine will go down over dinner?

Want to live 100 years? Well, that's going to depend on how well hydrated you remain. When your not fully hydrated you're more prone to sickness and disease.

When I was an athlete, 10 odd years ago, water was a means of maximizing performance. As I’m older, married with two kids and running my business, water is still for performance, it just looks different.


 It’s no secret how important water is. You probably already know you need to drink more water than you are currently drinking.  So why is it so hard, and how do you stay hydrated for maximal performance? Why do I pee so much when I drink more? How does drinking more water help lower my body fat percentage? Why is drinking 8 glasses so hard!?

 On one end of the spectrum, we can logically comprehend the health benefits of drinking water, moving our bodies more, and getting better sleep. The logical nut and bolts part is simple makes sense and is easy. Most of the time this overload of knowledge is what leads to a paralyzing guilt complex. Client: “I know what I should be doing ______, I just chose not to. I feel so guilty because of the whole “I know better” kicks in, and in the back of my mind it slowly beats me down.” Mom guilt is similar but that’s another blog in and of itself. So why is it that some people really struggle with the application and consistency part while others are thriving? It’s because logic doesn’t drive our actions, otherwise every medical doctor out there would be a shining image of health and vitality. Please tell me I’m not the only one to have a guy or gal “medical professional” close to an unhealthy 300lbs give me health advice on what I should or shouldn’t do. So what does this have to do with water?! First here are some logical health benefits.


Trying to get hydrated on a surface level is easy, yet it takes time and consistency stay hydrated at a deep level.


Benefits of staying hydrated.

  • You live longer, period. If you want a highly functional life at 90...stay thirsty my friend 😉

  • Sustainable energy balance throughout the day

  • Easier to fall asleep and stay asleep (minimum of 7hrs a night btw)

  • Burn more calories! Your body has to work harder to heat up and absorb the water

  • Save your money, water is the #1 detox supplement!

  • EVERY SINGLE CELL in your body needs water to function. Do you want a desert or tropical oasis to live in?

  • Make smarter business decisions. Foggy brain? Not as mentally sharp as you would like to be? Are you living in an oasis or desert?

  • Less injury prone and increased performance!



Here is a great article on how your hydration level affects your body composition. For all you nerdy facts and fictions researchers out there, this is for you. We love our InBody machine here as it lets us know what kind of water balance our clients have. Each member does a monthly InBody scan and has a meeting with their coach.

How Dehydration Affects Your Body Composition

At the end of the day, if you can’t hit your oz. per day, you simply don’t value water. That's okay because over time you can acquire an appreciation for something so simple and overflowingly accessible, yet vital to your quality of life. You would probably rather have a mouth full of bubbly sugar than plain jane water. WHY? Because that other drink makes you feel all warm and happy inside…for the short 15min. Try going 24hrs without any liquids then come to tell me how much you hate water. *don't actually do that*

I digress, YOU’RE NOT A ROBOT. You are a human being whose actions are driven by emotion. That is the missing WHY. I’ve said this over and over again and will continue to hammer it because it’s so true and at the foundation of a lot of our problems. Men can’t live on logic alone, not very fulfilled at least. This is why no matter how sexy and appealing Dasani makes their commercials, drinking a healthy amount of water is still really hard for most people. If we are to be successful at staying hydrated we need to connect as much healthy emotion to drinking water as possible. How do we do this? Noticing, that’s how! Being aware of how water makes you feel? Example: I’m going to prioritize my H2O intake because I want more energy when I get home. I don’t want a nagging headache. How do you feel when you’re dehydrated? What does that feel like for you? Most people are in a chronically dehydrated state. That is why you pee so much when you decide it’s time to take this water thing serious. Too much too soon of anything leads to burnout! Start simply by tracking how much you drink, then add 10oz per day for a week and then another 10oz for the following week. Drinking ½ your body weight in oz. per day is a solid goal to eventually reach.  If you weigh 150lbs then you should be drinking around 75oz. per day….eventually NOT tomorrow morning. It’s going to take your body a while to adjust and start absorbing the water.


All of our clients get specific Coaching on how to optimize H2O intake, absorption, and quality.

If you would like to make the last fitness decision of your life then give us a call! Schedule your complimentary consultation with a Coach today.