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Is Your Fitness Actually Functional?!?

By July 25, 2018Blogs

Is your Fitness Actually Functional?


“Functional Fitness” is the latest buzzword in the fitness industry these days.

If your current fitness training is "functional" then you should be working towards total body stability and strength in a balanced way, pain-free from ALL nagging aches. It should make life easier and safer for you to perform everyday activities, such as hiking, playing with your kids, wake surfing, skiing, and every other physically demanding activity. One aspect of functional fitness that sets it apart from traditional endurance activities like running or traditional isolation bodybuilding type weight lifting is that it trains your body to work together as a whole unit, simulating common movements you might do at home, work, or in sports.

What is being missed in the application of functional training, however, is asking the basic question of “what is your function in life?” How can a fitness program possibly be called functional if it's causing more aches and pains rather than healing them? A functional program should be shaped around your specific needs and tailored to your lifestyle. Unfortunately, functional has been degraded to simply going to a group class with an instructor pushing you for 100% intensity every day. Yes, you will see results from this. You will also see results from restrictively starving yourself for 30-60 days. Then, you will gain all that weight back because your plan wasn't sustainable. Result plateaus are inevitable when you're after fast-tracked instant gratification results.

Here's the real problem. You have a very busy and stressful schedule, you want to build muscle, lose 20# or more, right? Well, the last thing you need is HIGH INTENSITY. Your body already can't properly manage the stress it's under i.e. the fat keeps coming on and the struggle is real for any strength and muscle gains. Does it really make sense to add MORE stress to an overloaded system? There is a deep science to human adaptation that you can't attain from any weekend certification. How someone responds to exercise, food, and stressors of life HIGHLY vary from person to person, and should be assessed on a weekly basis. That's why group training isn't the best way.

I can’t tell you how many people I have talked with that are so frustrated with these imbalanced and incomplete training programs. And before I move on, I'm guilty and have learned my lessons. For 5 years I coached Crossfit classes, managed the gym, and was Personal Training. I'm the biggest advocate for people getting out of their comfort zones and moving. I commend and applaud you for this, yet warn you to be smart about it. I challenge you to be honest and ask yourself, is my training program leading me to a more fulfilled and satisfying life? Do you really need to hop back on the weight loss rollercoaster challenges and lose 30 pounds only to gain it back? How long you do want to restrict and obsess over what you eat and drink?

Let's talk more when you are ready to learn. Learn about how your body works, what's going to be the most appropriate exercise, food, and lifestyle changes that will sustain you into your 60's.


1. Abnormal or impaired functioning of a bodily system 

2. Failure to achieve or sustain a behavioral norm or expected condition

Group training has been around for a long time and will continue to be around, it just isn't so popular anymore and will look very different.

The difference will be our Independent Design Program. We truly are the future of the way fitness is done. We have learned from our mistakes within Crossfit, boot camps, HIIT, personal training and many others.

We are delivering personalized fitness by a professional coach in a team environment. Community and belonging to a tribe is a huge part of our program and what we believe in. Everyone looking the same and doing the same thing is not.

At LOTUS, we help you establish a long-term plan of fitness with one coach to one client relationship. The prescriptions for our clients is determined by what their daily functions require and what their end goals are. We coach by educating our clients on how to manage their daily stress, family time, nutrition and lifestyle demands so they don't feel restricted and depleted, but enhanced and restored on a daily basis. Because after all, that is what functional fitness is all about. A life of freedom is worth the hard work.

Live Free,

Brandon Burchfield