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Know Your Season. Know Your Time.

By October 30, 2017Blogs

I've had thousands of conversations with some pretty incredible people that are just plain stuck. You know what I'm taking about. Thanksgiving is coming up and you know that one relative is just waiting for you to ask how they're doing. You do and as the last word slips out, regret fills the void, and you realize what you just said. Immediately you wish you could take it all back, maybe just said, hi, you look great, and walked away. But no, they proceed to tell you how terrible their life is, how miserable their job is, and how they can't stand the relationship their in.



Nope, this was never me! I just kept everything inside, smiled and wore that all too familiar chameleon mask. You see I was a different kind of stuck. I just let the wind of the world blow me wherever it wanted. I never knew what season I was in, I didn't know where I was growing or if I was growing at all! There sure as hell wasn't any feeling of accomplishment. Looking back I realize that the three worst things I did in these moments was justify, rationalize, and minimize. There's the Holy Trinity, then these, the Devil’s Trio.


I wouldn't be the man I am today if it wasn't for my good friends and mentors Rick and Michelle Cornellier. They have helped me see that if you are not completely real and honest with yourself, your junk, and the season you're in — you WILL remain stuck. Being aware of it is only the start. They have taught me that taking responsibility for it, and do something about it, is the most important part.


As a coach I have these kinds of conversations with some of the most beautiful people, and they all say the same thing...I'm stuck. What truly holds people back from this kind of honest conversation is trust. Trust is the foundation of any relationship and we understand that. We honestly have them to thank, because without them we would have never moved to this beautiful panhandle of Idaho. You see, trust is also spelled R.I.S.K. because that's what it takes. We are all in need of help and growth in some areas of our life, but do we have the right people or the right community around us, supporting us along the way?


What season are you in and what is it going to take for you to grow? Starting something new can be the hardest part. Just showing up can be the most challenging task. But you need to believe in yourself. Listen and follow that gut feeling that is challenging you to become better.


Coach Brandon


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